Hannah Marbles leaked onlyfans on twitter and reddit, Telegram #hannah

Hannah Marbles leaked onlyfans on twitter and reddit, Telegram

A Canadian school district has fired a special education assistant after she discovered she had an OnlyFans account and refused to close it.
Kristin MacDonald said she received an email on April 28 from School District 43 in British Columbia, Canada, advising her to deactivate all accounts associated with “Ava James.” is the persona she created for herself to maintain a sideline activity on the internet, especially for her OnlyFans account.

“I was advised to immediately disable all of Ava James’ social media platforms, including [Instagram], TikTok and OnlyF, or face termination,” MacDonald told Fox News Digital. “I did not comply.”

Kristin MacDonald, a teaching assistant at School District 43 in British Columbia, Canada, was fired after the district advised her to delete the social media of “Ava James,” her OnlyFans persona, which she maintained to earn money part-time . (Instagram / @a_v_a_james88)

MacDonald said she doesn’t know how the school found out about her account, but she heard rumors that a student complained about a TikTok video of Ava James, allegedly complaining that “Ava James was on her TikTok only in bikinis”.

The district’s rules include only a “collective bargaining agreement,” which includes a clause that “behavior after hours is ‘appropriate,’” which Macdonald said is “up to individual interpretation.”

The district called her actions “outrageous” and gave six reasons for her dismissal, including posting material “involving the sexualization of the school environment” and her alleged disparagement of the district in media interviews, which also included her work and side hustle and use the connection between jobs to make more money.

In this photo illustration, the OnlyFans app logo is on a mobile phone screen with a laptop in the background. OnlyFans is an online content subscription service that allows users to create and post risky content. (Davide Bonaldo/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images, File)

MacDonald told CBC she feels strongly that “now we should be able to do whatever we want as long as it’s not breaking the law,” insisting her side hustle “hasn’t hurt anyone.”

Her job as a teaching assistant made just $1,000 a fortnight after deductions, prompting her to look for other ways to earn money. She maintains that while on duty, she was fully focused on her work and never received or heard any complaints about her behavior towards students.

But now she’s raised concerns with Fox News Digital about how the school might conduct the investigation — methods that may violate OnlyFans rules.

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